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Great news! For October 2020 Yousef and I have organised a very special tour of Egypt packed with Special Access permissions! Together, we can experience unprecedented access to sites that have been typically closed to tourists for many years, in some cases decades. We’ll explore inside closed structures like The Osirion at Abydos, The Osiris shaft and tomb on the Giza Plateau, the curious Pyramid at Abu Rawash, Abusir, Abu Ghurob and the Great Pyramid

The trip will be October 5-18, and also includse a 4 night Nile cruise and visits to amazing sites drenched in history such as Edfu temple, Kom Ombo, Elephantine Island, Karnak, Luxor,  the Bent Pyramid, the Red Pyramid, and the Serapeum.

Joining me and hosting the tour will the be the legendary Yousef Awyan from the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism and their hand picked tour company, Select Egypt. We also welcome Danny Kerr of Tesla Pyramids to the tour as well.

This tour will be limited to 25-30 persons, so as to ensure that the experience remains as intimate and special as possible. No huge coach liners filled with people whose names you still won’t know after 2 weeks.

To sign up, click on  ‘Tour Registration Form’ and scroll through the options to the Special Permissions tour. Continue reading for the full itinerary..

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Tour Name: Special Permissions III

Commencing: Mon, Oct 5, 2020 Concluding: Sun, Oct 18, 2020

Number of Nights: 13 Tour Lead: Yousef Awyan

Anticipated number of guests: 10 to 30 people

Accommodation Preference: Le Meridien Pyramids Giza (4 + 2 nights), Nile Cruise – MS Moondance (4 nights), Jolie Ville King Island Luxor (3 nights).

Domestic Flights Required: CAI to LUX (evening)/ASW to CAI (evening)

Special Permissions 6 – Great Pyramid, Osirion, Osiris Shaft, Abu Rawash, Abu Sir, Abu Ghorab

Meals as indicated on the itinerary: Breakfast – B | Lunch – L |Dinner – D


DAY 1: Mon October 5, 2020 – Cairo Guests Arrive & Welcome Dinner

Please arrive at the Cairo Airport by 4 PM. We will have a representative inside the airport to greet you and assist you with obtaining your entry visa ($25.00 USD), through customs and transfer the fabulous Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa in Giza. We will meet in the lobby at 6 PM for an introductory meeting, followed by a Welcome Dinner at the hotel.

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids D


DAY 2: Tue October 6, 2020 – Cairo Giza Plateau and Osiris Shaft

After breakfast we will meet in the lobby at 8:30 AM to leave for our Private Visit to the Osiris Shaft (9:00 AM) on the Giza Plateau. Afterwards we’ll visit the Valley Temple and Pyramids area. We’ll enjoy lunch at the Pyramids Restaurant and return to the hotel.

Special Permission for Osiris Shaft

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids

B | L

DAY 3: Wed October 7, 2020 – Cairo Dahshur & Abu Sir, Abo Ghorab

After Breakfast we’ll leave at 8 AM to drive to Dashur and explore the area around the Bent Pyramid and enter the Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid and the satellite pyramid. Please bring a small flashlight. We’ll have Lunch at the Saqqara Palm Club and then leave for the Private visit to the sites of Abu Sir and Abu Ghroub (1:00 PM) then return to the hotel.

Special Permission for Abu Sir and Abu Ghorab

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids

B | L

DAY 4: Thu October 8, 2020 – Cairo Saqqara

After Breakfast we will leave at 8 AM for our exploration of the site of Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramid attributed to King Djoser. We will visit the Pyramid of Unas where we will see the first pyramid texts. Afterwards we’ll visit the ‘Sound Healing Hospital’ then we will have a  visit to the Step Pyramid of Djoser. Afterwards we will visit the Serapeum. We’ll have Lunch at the Saqqara Palm Club and then return to the hotel.

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids

B | L

DAY 5: Fri October 9, 2020 – Cairo Egyptian Museum & Geology Musueum, fly to


Have your luggage placed outside your room at 6:30 AM. After breakfast, we’ll leave at 8 AM for our visit to the world-famous Egyptian Museum where you will see many amazing artifacts collected from sites all over Egypt, including the gold sarcophagus & jewellery on display at the King Tut Exhibit. Then we will visit the Geological Museum. After lunch we’ll fly to Luxor and check into our rooms at the fabulous Maritim Jolie Ville Resort.

Overnight at Jolie Ville King Island

B | L | D

DAY 6: Sat October 10, 2020 – Luxor Abydos & Dendera

After breakfast, we’ll leave at 7:00 AM to drive to Dendera to visit the incredible Temple of Hathor. Then we’ll drive to Abydos to visit the Temple of Seti I and then enjoy our Private Visit to the very ancient Osirion Temple at 8 AM. Afterwards, we’ll drive back to the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort and have dinner.

Overnight at Jolie Ville King Island

B | L

DAY 7: Sun October 11, 2020 – Luxor Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut’s Temple

After breakfast we will embark at 7:30 AM for our exploration of the sites on the West Bank including Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, and the Colossi of Memnon.

Overnight at Jolie Ville King Island

B | L

DAY 8: Mon October 12, 2020 – Luxor: Luxor Museum and Luxor Temple

Have your luggage placed outside your room at 6:30 AM. After breakfast we will checkout from the Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort and leave at 8 AM to check into our rooms on the fabulous 5-Star M/S Moondance Cruise ship ( all meals are included on the Nile cruise ) then we will depart to the Luxor Museum that has very well preserved artifacts and some of the great masterpieces of ancient Egyptian art. Afterwards, we’ll check into our rooms on the and have lunch and relax. We’ll have time for shopping before our evening visit to the Luxor Temple.

Overnight on Moondance Nile Cruise

B | L | D

DAY 9: Tue October 13, 2020 – Luxor Optional Hot Air Balloon & Karnak Temple

You’ll have the option to take an early morning flight over the West Bank in a Hot Air Balloon. (Approximately $150.00 USD). After breakfast, the group will leave at 9 AM to visit Karnak Temple, where we will spend the entire morning. Afterwards we return to the cruise ship to have lunch and begin sailing. Moondance Nile Cruise

Overnight on Moondance Nile Cruise

B | L | D


DAY 10: Wed October 14, 2020 – Sailing Edfu and Kom Ombo

Nile cruise with time to enjoy the amenities of our cruise ship. First thing this morning we will stop at the Temple of Edfu which has inscribed texts that provides information about the mythical interpretation of the temple and all other temples as the Island of Creation. This temple also embodies important scenes and inscriptions of the mythological conflict between Horus and Seth. After a day of sailing on the Nile, we’ll reach Kom Ombo in the late afternoon, where we’ll visit the twin temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter, Sobek and Horus, the Elder. We will continue sailing and dock in Aswan later that evening.

Overnight on Moondance Nile Cruise

B | L | D

DAY 11: Thu October 15, 2020 – Aswan Elephantine Island, Valley of Nobles & Nubian Museum

After breakfast, we’ll take a motorboat to Elephantine Island visit the Temple of Khnum, and the Tombs of the Nobles. Afterwards, we’ll have the opportunity to swim in Nile. After lunch we’ll go to the Nubian Museum. Your evening will be free.

Overnight on Moondance Nile Cruise

B | L | D

DAY 12: Fri October 16, 2020 – Aswan Aswan Quarry, Temple of Isis, fly to Cairo

Have your luggage placed outside your room at 6:30 AM. After breakfast we’ll leave at 7:30 AM to explore the famous Aswan Quarry that is home to the 1,200-ton Unfinished Obelisk. Next, we will take a motorboat to the magical Island of Philae to explore the Temple of Isis. After lunch we’ll leave to the airport for our flight back to Cairo.

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids

B | L

DAY 13: Sat October 17, 2020 – Cairo Abu Rawash & The Great Pyramid

After breakfast, we meet in the lobby to leave at 8 AM for our 9 AM Private Permission to visit the site of the Abu Rawash Pyramid, and after lunch at Felfela Restaurant, we will leave for our Private Visit to the Great Pyramid at 4:00 PM.

Overnight at Le Meridien Pyramids

B | L | D

DAY 14: Sun October 18, 2020 – Cairo Guests depart

Transfers to the Cairo Airport for International flights home.


To sign up, click on  ‘Tour Registration Form’ and scroll through the options to the Special Permissions tour.

Sign up here:

Tour Registration Form

  • Your Land Package Includes:

1. Airport transfers to and from your Hotel in Giza

2. Domestic flights in Egypt: Cairo/Luxor and Aswan/Cairo

3. 5-Star hotels in Giza and Luxor, including daily buffet breakfast, hotel taxes and service charges

4. Five-Star Cruise ship, including shore excursions, and all meals

5. Meals included when not on the cruise: 8 lunches, 3 dinners

6. Baggage handling at airport and hotels

7. Pre-paid gratuities for your cruise staff

8. Visits to the temples and monument sites, including transportation and entrance fees.

10.. Yousef, Luke and Danny as your Hosts and Speakers

11. English Speaking Egyptologist/Tour Guide

12. Water and Snacks during road trips

13. $25.00 Egypt Tourist Visa to be obtained upon your arrival at the airport in Cairo for citizens of America, Canada, Australia, or the UK. Please check with your local embassy to determine your country’s requirements.

– Roundtrip international airfares
-Travel & Health Insurance
– Personal items such as laundry, beverages during meals, internet service on the cruise ship and telephone calls or any item not listed on the itinerary.

All travelers need a passport valid for at least six months after the date of entering the country.

Please check with your airline for specifics on the size and weight of your allowed baggage. Domestic flights within Egypt allow for 1 checked bag up to 50 lbs and 1 hand luggage.

Reservation and Cancellation Policies

Reservation and Payment
A non-refundable deposit of $800.00 per person will be required at the time of booking. To insure your reservation, final payment will be due 45 days prior the departure dates from your Country. It is the responsibility of the traveler (or agent) to determine that final payment reaches us on time. Bookings made within 30 days of departure date, will require full and final payment immediately upon booking. No booking will be considered until final deposit is received by the Tour Operator. Payments are to be made via Bank Transfer. Any fees charged will be the responsibility of the sender. Please inquire about this before you make your bank transaction.

Cancellation and Refunds
Due to high preparation costs, cancellations must be received in writing within 45 days of travel date. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to departure will have a penalty of $800.00 per person; those received between 30 and 25 days will have a penalty of 50% per person; those received between 25 and 20 days will have a penalty of 75% per person. Cancellations received 20 days or less before departure will receive no refund. No refund will be made for transfers, city tours or any other services (including meals, accommodations or transportation) voluntarily not taken.

This itinerary is subject to changes in sequence in order to adapt to possible alterations in domestic flight times or other unforeseen circumstances. The content will remain the same, barring any unanticipated complications, and will include many delightful “extras” and surprises.

We recommend that all participants obtain Travel Insurance. Travel Insured International offers insurance for trip cost, trip cancellation & interruption, and pays for loss due to unforeseen circumstance, death, injury, or illness to you or a member of your family. It also includes coverage for missed connections due to weather, pays for lost deposits due to the financial default of the airline, the tour operator, or cruise line. It pays for baggage delays, travel delays, medical expenses, and emergency assistance.

  • By signing up to the tour you agree to our terms, deposit conditions and waiver.
  • KSAM, its agents and our Tour Facilitators have worked diligently to make all of the arrangements for our journey together in Egypt, however, KSAM, its agents and our Tour Facilitators will not be held liable for delays, theft, damage, injury, or any other irregularities that may occur during the course of the journey. We will not be held liable for any changes or delays in airline schedules or missed connections; injury, loss, or damage to persons or property; additional expenses resulting from changes in exchange rates, tariffs, or itinerary; any transportation issues or problems with vehicles utilized on the tour; additional expenses incurred due to illness, weather conditions, protests, war, terrorism, quarantine, or other causes; and losses due to cancellations not subject to our terms and conditions.